PVC, linoleum and rubber

Homogeneous flooring: recommended for areas of heavy traffic. Available in rolls and tiles. Innovative surface treatments ensure long-lasting performance and appearance, low maintenance, static control and reduce environmental impact.

Heterogeneous flooring: multilayer vinyl flooring available in rolls and tiles. Available in a variety of colors and decorative finishings making them ideal for shops or areas for children.

Specialized pavements: indicated for sensitive environments where ESD (electro-static discharge) control is required: such as computer rooms, operating theatres and industries such as electronics.

Sports surface solutions: surfaces which meet the requirements for practicing all types of physical activities providing athletes with the right balance of safety, comfort and performance.

Modular flooring: fast, easy installation in the form of tiles or planks.

Linoleum is the only existing floor made with renewable raw materials. It is versatile, resistant and easy to maintain. Ideal for heavy traffic sectors including education, healthcare. Approximate lifespan - 10 years..

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